Monday, July 14, 2014

Is anybody out there?

I cannot believe I have returned to homesweetsassy.  
Don't get too excited, I am not back for good.  I just wanted to check in because I plan to post occasionally (ok, let's be honest- more like, infrequently).  I cannot believe it has been almost exactly two years since my last post.  Life has been crazy.

First this happened....

We got married, and I started grad school the same week.  in philadelphia.  While living and working in New York. Because why not commute 100 miles to get to school?  Since being married, we have spent too many nights apart.

New York City was so much fun because we got to see our friends, take the subway, have access to everything, order take out, and so much more.  
But it drained me.  
Seriously, took the life out of me.  
I can look back at the wonderful experience.  I saw Broadway shows, ate dozens of oysters, made some wonderful friends, learned more about myself and my career, avoided taxi cabs, braved the summer heat in the subway, ordered seamless web night after night, had my birthday ruined by investment banking hours, and spent way too many nights going to bed before my husband even came home from work.   

And I made a final drive through the tunnel as a Manhattan resident.

The condo?  In addition to a few necessary updates we bought our tenants a nice Christmas present...

 I have a new baby brother (my mom's puppy)

This blog started as a creative outlet for me when I bought my condo.  And now we have moved back to the DC area!  Long story, but we're currently crashing with family.   And then we're moving back into the condo.  I cannot wait to return to it, it needs so much TLC.   I just didn't have the ability to work on our apartment in NYC the way I wanted to.   I also feel that I was unable to apply my dreams to the condo before leaving.   Hopefully we will upgrade to a larger place, but not sure when.

I won't be checking in very often, but I will update you with some of the condo changes.

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