something old new borrowed blue

You've heard the saying about the necessities of a bride having something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue?  Of course you have, everyone has.

Well I have my old, borrowed and blue.  They are all meaningful because they involve family.  You can easily find something new- wedding dress or shoes would be fine, but I think it's more important for it to be something new and meaningful.   I also need a pair of earrings.  So maybe I need to be gifted a new pair of earrings?  Something gold, dangly, sparkly, and light.  Here are a few I like as of now.  Click pics for links

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a brat asking for a gift.  I just think it would be special for my mom, dad, or fiance to be able to give me my "something new" on my wedding day.  I haven't figured out my necklace or bracelet yet either, so I should probably get started on that. 

**thus far our wedding planning has been comfortably, slowly moving which has been an enjoyable process.  as the wedding gets closer and the details are falling into place I can feel the ball catching speed as it soars downhill toward September.  So you are likely to have many more posts about our upcoming celebration.  I am the sole wedding planner, organizing the details with the help of three different parental units, and a point person for ceremony music, the ceremony itself, and the reception.  I want nothing more than to plan this joyous occasion, but it can get challenging balancing all of the details and people involved.  You know what they say- too many cooks spoil the soup!  My plan is to continue to enjoy the planning process without becoming bridezilla.  You can ask my family and friends if I've been successful once September rolls around.