my little brother is growing up

My not-so-little-anymore younger brother is 24 years old and I cannot believe it!  He recently moved to Beijing for a year and I am so proud of him for taking the leap.   Not knowing any Mandarin and taking an intense two month course upon arrival, he is jumping in head first.  In an update email to family and friends he explained his decision to those wondering what made him take this journey

"A friend once told me that our twenties are for adventure and I agreed with him.  My general strategy for the next decade is to couple adventure with formative growth.  In other words I’m getting after travel and education.  Expanding my world and learning while doing it.

Another experience that made this possible was committing to an exercise program called Crossfit two years ago.  There are many ways to challenge oneself, but this one taught me the value of entering uncomfortable situations and finding the inner strength to keep going.  Crossfit helped give me the confidence to find growth in challenge and realize the power of commitment for transformative change.

The other fundamental experience has been my deepening engagement with Ignatian spirituality.  I was tremendously blessed to find great friends and mentors in my workplace at Georgetown.  I was very glad to take these past years as an undergraduate and a young professional develop my relationship with God, making an eight-day silent retreat and finding time for the spirit in my daily life."

He's so wise and insightful!  I love my little broski so much and am proud of him!!!

Apparently there is more to learn by going to China than what I know from watching the greatest movie of all....
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