honey i'm home!

I've always been one to start a craft project on a whim.  My mom would come home when I was little to me moving around furniture, drawing on my walls, or painting objects.

I haven't been much into decorating our apartment since moving to NYC.  I mostly brought items from Virginia and placed them in new ways in our Manhattan apartment.  I figured it was such a small space there wasn't much for me to do.  I've been stuck in a rut.  In many ways I think I hoped it wouldn't be permanent.  I've come to accept that I've already lived here for a year and there's no foreseeable end in sight.  I can feel my inner DIY self itching to take over again. 

So when I went to help my newly married couple friends paint their apartment, it got my DIY toes wet.   I had been wanting to bring some mint into our apartment but wasn't quite sure how.  I turned to Pinterest of course.  Here are a few pictures that were my inspiration:

I would LOVE to have a room like this
 what a serene bedroom
 love love love love!
 and even more love

So how did I bring these rooms into our apartment? 

Well, when fiance left for work in the morning the inside of our apartment looked like this, just before walking out.

And when he came home............

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yep.  in one day (well, less than because I had to go out for supplies and paint)

and guess what? I love it!

It started off with some supplies

 An inspiration pic and the DIY info from this blog.

So here was my process
 tape tape tape tape tape
 tape tape tape tape tape
 first coat
 I picked a semi-gloss so the shine is fabulous

 the lines are a bit blurry, but it really was my first time painting a wall

I am so happy!

Give a girl a paintbrush......