holy smokes!

Remember beauty week when I shared with you some of my favorite beauty items?  A couple of months later I started using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and promised to update you on how well it works.

Well let me tell you, three months later and I am still blown away by how amazing this product is!  It makes my makeup stay for hours and I even took a nap and woke up with my eyeshadow perfectly intact.  If you don't use eyeshadow primer or yours isn't holding up to your highest expectations, run. don't walk. run. to Sephora to purchase this.  It feels very 8th grade to be using urban decay, but it's worth it!

I also recently reorganized my beauty products.  We have a small bathroom so we had to purchase a shelving unit for the bathroom.  I use the top shelf for my daily makeup.  See it before

And now after.  
A few cleaned out candles, some coffee beans, and it's so much easier for me to get to my brushes and eyeliners.  Sorry about the lack of lighting in all of these photos.  Our bathroom has horrible light both natural and artificial.

 I definitely have added some new stars to my beauty product lineup.

Everygirl needs a beautiful flower in her dressing room.  ....Even if it's fake.
 Just a spritz of this and the flower smells fragrant.