best car ride

Fiance planned an amazing "thank you for putting up with me moving away for two months after moving to NYC for me" weekend in Napa and San Fran towards the end of our time apart.  I was definitely having trouble with the move.  My doorman even told fiance when he came home that I had been too quiet in passing while he was gone! haha   
He used to drive a mustang GT before we moved to the city, so of course he got a mustang convertible for the weekend.  I was just happy we were together again!

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It was so much fun being outside with the top down, but I fried the bageeesus out of my part!  I had to send some pics to my dad, who has sunburnt the top of his head numerous times and had a brief stint with melanoma that has been taken care of, thank goodness

We drove to napa, around napa, from napa down to half moon bay for brunch, and then returned to san fran.  Here are a few pics I snapped from the passenger seat.

And that was all from the drive! 
I'll check back in next week with pics from outside the car during this trip!