Fiance was supposed to come into town for a meeting last week when I was going to DC.  I was so upset!  He moves across the country for two months and comes into town for ONE NIGHT when I'm not there!?  So sad.

So our plan was for me to meet him outside his office building for about 5 minutes of hello and a kiss.  Then I would drive to DC and he would work in the New York office and sleep in our apt that night.  On Wednesday night I ordered dinner and hopped on the subway on my way home from work. Planning to clean the apartment and pack for the weekend.  The train took a little longer than expected so I was BOOKING it home.  When I walked in I was apologizing to our beloved doorman Joe for being late.  The conversation went like this:

me: Joe! Joe!  I'm so sorry! Do you have my dinner?
Joe: Anne! I have a very big package for you.  I don't know how you're going to carry it!
me: Joe you have my dinner! did the delivery man have to wait long?!  They called me.  I'm so sorry.  You have my dinner
Joe:  Oh Anne, let's see I don't know how you're going to carry this big package. Let me get it, come here
Joe opens the door to the package room and..

out pops fiance!

YAY!  I was so surprised.  Apparently my face was priceless.  Joe was beet red, smiling from ear to ear, and laughing.  I was so happy to have fiance home.  Of course he had to work past my bedtime and I had to wake up early to get my butt kicked by my trainer, but 10 hours in our home together was enough to make me so happy!

We did get a 5 minute breakfast outside of fiance's office.

Then I checked the mail and the stamps for our invitations arrived.  So excited! 

in the car on my way to DC.  only in midtown manhattan do you see horses and skyscrapers