Happy Memorial Day

I hope you all are enjoying this day off with a thought of our men and women who have fought for this country.

I've had a relaxing week and am not ready to return to work. I was fortunate enough to dip my toes in the Atlantic and the Pacific this past week! No matter what time of year, if I am by the ocean I must put my feet in.
 clockwise from top left: wine tasting in Napa, Pacific Ocean at Half Moon Bay, sun hat at Rehoboth Beach, Atlantic Ocean

The only downside to this past week and the last couple of months is that I've been traveling so much! I haven't woken up on a weekend in New York next to my fiancĂ© in over two months and with our busy summer schedule we won't get to for another month or so. This home is being inhabited by two people who live a life together but barely overlap paths. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy traveling but between our jobs, visits to family and friends, this long distance thing, and my weekends worked I have come to find that New York has been a very lonely time for me.  It's strange in a city filled with people how someone can feel that way!