Our wedding is in 164 days (there's an app for that).  I'm just at the tail end of the lull between the initial planning phase and the beginning of the (controlled and happy) chaos.  Recently I've started to think about the minute details that will make a huge difference.  Planning is going well.

Fiance and I are having a rehearsal dinner on Friday night after the rehearsal.  This is the norm for weddings, although these days people include all sorts of family and friends at the dinner.  Because we both come from large families, the rehearsal dinner will include the wedding party, parents, grandparents and anyone taking part in the wedding ceremony.  This is almost 40-50 people.  We'll have a wonderful dinner at the restaurant fiance and I had our first date.  I'm looking forward to this special time.

But that brings me to start thinking about possible dress options for the RD.  I don't say outfit, because the likelihood I wear a dress is about 99.9%

I've heard a number of different opinions about the RD.  Some say it's special for the bride to wear white, others say to go all out with color or sparkle because the wedding day is for wearing white.   I'm not sure which one I'm going for, I guess it depends on what dress I find.  No matter what I choose, I have to keep in mind that before dinner we will be in church with a priest.

Here are some thoughts thus far.  I'm not thrilled with any but it's the start of a search... click for links.

what do you think?  chances I wear something in my closet are probably pretty high, but it's fun to look.