I need supervision

I told fiance it's about time he comes home from his prolonged business trip because I have been getting into major online shopping trouble.  Within the past week, our absolutely beloved doorman Joe has been laughing at me with each arriving package.

First off were our wedding invitations.  I'm completely over the moon about them and want to send them out immediately.  I have to find a calligrapher first, so I should probably get on top of that.  Just wait until you receive the invites in the mail.  I am in love!
As I said more details after they're mailed, but Alexandra at The Aerialist Press has been ammazeballs!

I also shop on drugstore.com for shampoo, facewash, conditioner, luna protein bars, etc etc.  It's free shipping and I buy 5 or 6 shampoos at a time so I don't have to constantly be purchasing them and lugging them home from overpriced Duane Reade.

So those were justified purchases.

then there were the wedding shoes. I had to get them because
dip in to our friends and family sale. enjoy 25% off all purchases in our shops, outlets and online. friday april 13th and saturday, april 14th until 11:59pm pt. use promo code FFSPR12 at checkout. excludes home, stationary and watches. shop now.

can't resist that, right?  and while I was already ordering, had a gift card, and had accumulated enough for the free shipping,  it made perfect sense to buy those earrings I've had my eye on...
gumdrops studs
This package was beautiful to open.  How did they know my favorite colors right now?

Oh and did you hear about this sale at J.Crew?

Of course I needed a few things...

I officially admit I have a problem and I blame it on my mom.