what a tux

Fiance's parents came into town on Sunday to go with us for our initial look at tuxes.  We all expected he would be trying on options so we could decide.  Apparently on your first visit you just look at books and a couple jackets, then you decide.  It's only once you place your order that you can fit and try on.

Why a tux?  I think there are a couple of reasons why we've decided he will be wearing a tux on our wedding day.  First off, he wears a suit to work every day.  Honestly, I love him in jeans and a tee or sweater so much more than in a suit.  Is it because I subconsciously associate a suit the reason I never get to see him?  possibly.  Maybe it's because I like preppy ties and suits and he's just not as much like that.  Whatever it is, I can't wait to see him in a tux!
We're having our wedding reception in a ballroom, so a tux is a completely appropriate choice.  When I asked my dad if he thought about what he would want to wear to my wedding, he said "I'm going to wear my tux!  It's my daughter's wedding!"   So the dress code will be black-tie optional.

Did you know there are options when choosing a tux?  Starting with the lapel.
I think we decided we liked the notch best.  Although, here's an opinion from esquire that has an interesting point...
We found our favorite options for rentals at Jos.A.Bank and Mens Wearhouse.  This way, the groomsmen can get measured for their anywhere. 

Our problem lies as to the details.   Fiance wants to wear something slightly different than his groomsmen.  To make sure "everyone knows who the groom is" as he likes to joke.  So  now we are presented with options....Do the groomsmen wear a classic black bowtie and cumberbund while fiance wears white?  Or should he go even bolder and wear a white jacket while the boys wear black?  White shirt while the boys wear black?   Here are some images to help:

I'm not sure if y'all know this, but I grew up in Bethesda, MD.  I was a typical Catholic school girl.  I wore ribbons in my hair, vibrant print skirts, popped my color, and I love the combination of pinks, greens, and blues.   I went to a prep school.  Fiance is not preppy at all.  As I have gotten older, I have grown out of some of the young prep and try to keep my style to a classic look. Although this is the case, I still am attracted and drawn to bow ties in bright colors. 
If I had my way, the groomsmen would be gifted this bow tie and cummerbund set to wear with their tuxes.   It's perfect for my Maryland roots!!

Fiance says that our groomsmen aren't preppy and would never wear a pink bowtie and/or cummerbund again, but they all either went to Georgetown University or grew up in Bethesda, MD.  So I think the possibility of them wearing it again is very high!
Here are a few inspiration pics of colored bow ties and cummerbunds (from the VV website and theknot.com)

Love it, right?  So maybe I could convince fiance that the groomsmen should wear the pink crab set, but then what do we put the groom in?  The answer is truthfully whatever he wants.  It's his day also, and I really do think he will look phenomenal in any tux.  So we just have to provide him with a lot of pictures and he can decide.  I can't wait to see what he chooses! 

Opinions?  What do you think?