I thought I would give y'all a little update via my iphone camera of some of my recent excursions around town.   In no particular order.

Follow along after the jump.

I've said before that I would sometimes almost rather a cheese plate than dessert.  Here's my favorite cheese.  A guilty pleasure that I find at Whole Foods.

Diptyque roses.  Amazing candle

 Shopping at C.Wonder, a fabulous new store in Soho.  Coming soon to Columbus Circle...add it to the J.Crew and Sephora and I'm in even more trouble!

Trying on shoes at Kate Spade on Mercer
 ...and loving their jewelry collection

Why didn't I think of this?  Most amazing CC cookie ever.

I love a fresh candle right before it meets its first match.

I got to see fiance play basketball

I had never heard of a scooped bagel before I came to new york.  They scrape out the insides to rid of most of the bulk, leaving you with a tasty shell. 

New The Ropes bracelet for my birthday from my  mom!

This is my wedding Bible.  It's a pink binder with clear sleeves, filled with inspiration, contracts, timelines, and other details. 

Dinner date with my love.

To be safe, this is how I wear my ring in the subway.  

 Absolutely amazing Eric Church concert

 we wore our boots, of course.

Wise words to live by.

 New bracelet from the stepmom for my birthday

Allergy testing.  Apparently pollen is my weakness. 

St. Patrick's Day!

 Flowers from my grandmother for my birthday!

Newsies, the musical.  Amazing!

 A day in the park
 My fabulously stylish cousin (in my sunnies)
 our manicures!
 climbing the rocks in central park
 In the center of a concrete jungle plays imagination and innocence.  
This might be one of my favorite pictures from NYC.  I go through times when I enjoy this city.  Currently I am in a funk and ready to leave.
 Two strangers on the subway.  They were talking about suits, different ways to tie a tie, and general swag.

So that's a peek into my days. Hope you enjoyed!