I don't think I've posted pictures of our bedroom here in Manhattan.  I will get to it, I guess I'm just not thrilled about the decor in the bedroom. 

Because of the lack of closet space, I have a standing wardrobe that takes up an entire wall in the bedroom, on the opposite wall is fiance's dresser.  His side of the bedroom has his laundry basket (mine is tucked away in a corner), his file box catch-all, and his bedside table which generally has an overflow of papers.  I can't blame him because he doesn't really have a desk in the apartment like I do.  Although when he did, the top of the desk became a larger surface of catch-all so I guess half of a dresser and a bedside table is better.  He has a red lamp on his bedside table that apparently he loves, but I would be happy to get some paint and a new shade to.

Here's a recent instagram picture of my bedside table with my new lamp from Homegoods (which was a pain in the arse to get home on the subway BTW).

Anyway, we used to have two small oriental rugs on the floor of the bedroom but they would slide around, get dirty, and were terribly challenging to clean.  So I folded them away into a closet.  I would love to have a large rug for the bedroom.  You know I've always had my eyes on this one
And even created an inspirational board around it a ways back

But here are a few more that have tempted me recently from the fabulous site RugsUSA.  I purchased my living room rug from Rugs USA and love it.  Although I recently spilled red wine ALL OVER it and was unable to get it all out.  woopsies!

I don't know which direction to take the bedroom.  I'll try to get to posting some pictures soon, or hopefully get to a rug soon and have the whole bedroom to post.