Fiance and I received a pottery barn gift card for our engagement.  Such a sweet gift!  Unfortunately I shoved it in the back of my wallet and forgot about it.  I found it today and have been on the website checking out a few options.

I have been wanting a terrarium recently.  I think they're so cool in their glass globes.  Check out these from West Elm.  The layered sand is amazing!

I will admit that part of the reason I want a terrarium is because of my green thumb, or lack thereof.  I once over-watered and killed a cactus.   I go with hearty plants.  I have two plants right now and they have both been alive for over a year!   I think I'm ready for my next living item in the apartment.  Fiance won't let me have a puppy and I am further from babyville than Chuy is from being a Victoria's Secret Model.  So when I started looking at the PB website, I headed straight to the plants section.   In addition to the terrarium I would love a topiary or two! 

But they're a little out of my price range.   
So these are the options I came up with.  

What do you think?  Should I get the dried lavender wreath and hang it by a ribbon on the back of our front door, or should I spring for the kissing ball and have fiance hang it from the ceiling in the corner by our gallery wall (i'm not allowed to touch the screwdriver, hammer, or drill anymore....but that's another story)?

I can't decide.