beauty week: work look

I have a couple of different go-to looks for makeup, depending on the time of day and my plans.

When I go to work I wear minimal makeup, but I cannot survive without concealer and corrector, mascara, a smidge of eyeliner, and a cheek tint.

I LOVE..l.o.v.e. love bobbi brown concealer.  The creamy concealer blends in perfectly with my skin without being too yellow.  And the corrector helps with dark circles.  I use the corrector under the center portion of my eye and concealer throughout the rest, setting it with the powder.  Instant eye brightening.  I don't leave the house without it, except to go to the gym.

This concealer brush and sponge make application perfect.

This almay eyeliner has been in my makeup bag for years.  I love the dark brown/rasin quartz color that looks so natural with my green eyes.  I use it on my bottom lash-lines daily and will use it in across my entire eye if I want a bolder look.
 For work to add a bit of color, I use a cheek tint.  I used to use benetint by Benefit. They recently came out with a pink cheek tint called posie tint and I am in love.

 As a final part of my work look, I coat my lashes in mascara.  In order to last at least 12 hours of running around the unit and even some days filled with tears, I wear waterproof.  This mascara is easiest to apply and dries quick.

I wake up at 6am, shower, dress and leave the house before 6:25 so this entire makeup application has to take just a few minutes.  I do the exact same thing every time.  No eyeshadow, nothing fancy, just a natural look.