wedding inspiration

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile and now that I'm sitting down to's taking forever!

We're getting married in September and I have posted previously about our possible wedding colors but I figured a few of you have been quite curious and I should probably share some of my planning with y'all.

I won't be giving away any major details, mostly just colors and the vibe of the wedding.  So for those of you who received your save the date hankies and want to wait until the big day (not a bad idea). Please read no further!!!!

Everyone else, follow along after the jump

I'm the wedding planner.  I've always been organized and am an ICU nurse, so this has been relatively easy so far.  I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that.  We're having our reception at a Country Club, which sounds more expensive and fancy, but is actually a cost-effective choice.  They have the staff, linens, alcohol, chef, candles, pastry chef, glasses and flatware, experience, valet parking, and more.  They also have an event organizer who is there to help with the setup, make sure I'm kept in line with vendor contracts, and keep us in line for planning.  Because of this, I don't actually have obnoxious details to plan for the reception.  Which leaves time for me to plan the rest of the details, the fun details mostly.  For that, it's easiest for me to be in control I think.

We are fortunate enough to have wonderful and generous parents who are helping us throw the party for the most important day of our lives.  Between my dad and stepmom, my mom, fiance's parents, and fiance and myself we will be throwing a fabulous bash.  I am so excited that we have this blessing, but organizing the finances is my least favorite part of this entire wedding.  It has led me to the occasional jest of running down to the courthouse or going to Vegas.  Of course that wouldn't make me happy.

I love arts and crafts and am excited for my wedding plan to come together.  When I first started describing my vision to fiance I don't think he quite understood it.  I have a definite idea for the vibe of the wedding, but it's all in my head and challenging for me to put into words.  I hope throughout the next 200 days I can successfully bring this dream to reality.  Thus far it's going well.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, here's my inspiration board that I created for you. (i didn't need to make one for myself, because I have a huge inspiration board in my mind)

What do you think?!

Hopefully this gives you a pretty good idea of what I'm going for.  Fiance and I love dancing and partying, so the goal is to have the partayy of the century.  I also have a very classic style and want the beautiful country club ballroom wedding.  My goal is to add a twist to that. 

I am trying to decide what details I'm going to give you.  I could tell you all about the twists and other pops of fun throughout the wedding but I do believe a relatively large number of our wedding guests probably read this blog every now and then.  So, my next option is wait until later to share with you.  I'll post as I figure it out.  Until then, enjoy my inspiration board!