Did you all have one of those nautical rope bracelets growing up?  You know the ones you could barely fit over your wrist and would keep on until it was so well-worn and well-loved that your mother had to cut it off because it was beginning to smell like the inside of a cast that has been on for six months?  (uh hello, run-on sentence).  Well I certainly wore one for months on end, maybe even an entire year.  They looked like this
I think I got them in Nantucket or Bethany Beach.  It was always in the summer, and by the end of august it made you look so tan!

Well here's a fabulous twist on that beloved bracelet.  The Ropes.  They're made in maine and come in fun colors (we're seeing that neon popping out again...)

These are my favorites and are definitely being added to my wishlist.

Purchase online here.