thanks gibby

My friend Allison sent me a link today that she said reminded her of The Ropes bracelets.  I told her to write me a post about it.  So, without further ado....

Your post this morning reminded me of these Kiel James Patrick nautical-themed bracelets that I’ve have my eye on for awhile now.  I love the anchor clasp because it is both cute and functional – won’t have to wait for this one to fall off (and the best part is it won’t smell like the inside of a cast)! 

Check them out here:  I’ve included a few of my favorite designs below:

They even have a more manly style to match!

Also – If you are up for a fun craft project, here are DIY instructions on how to make them yourself! You can find all of the supplies at your local Michaels store.

Thanks Gibby!  

We might need to make a trip to Michaels and create some of these ourselves!   I think we could attempt these too....

images via MadeByGirl