beauty week: not just a pretty face

I've realized that throughout this blog, I haven't spoken of hair or makeup.  So this week will be a glimpse into my makeup bag.  Well, my makeup box.  Fiance and I have a shelving system in the bathroom and I keep all of my goodies in a basket on the top shelf. 

I love makeup and can always find some new product to try when I enter Sephora or Blue Mercury.  Over the years I have bought quite a few makeup purchases I later regretted.  I have a bag of makeup in my closet that has barely been used, but I just can't seem to throw it out.   I recently made a promise to myself that I would be smarter about my beauty purchases.  Now that I've been wearing makeup for at least a decade, I have come to find my go-to looks and products that work best for me.

Today I'm going to talk about skin care.

First off, I wash with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser.  I've been using this face wash since I was in middle school and I love it.   Either I'm lucky to be blessed with great skin with minimal acne or breakouts, or this product is miraculous.  Either way, I love the fresh feel of this cleanser.

I wash my face once  a day in the shower.  I know I should but I don't wash my face at night.  I've been doing this since I was in my teens and it works for me.  I feel when I wash my face outside of the shower it leaves a residue of facewash on my skin.  If need be, these Almay pads are the best for makeup removal.

I decided a few years back that it's about time to start taking care of my skin for the future.  I always put sunblock on my face when I'm on the beach or know I'll be in the sun.  This I've been doing for years now, because I know the sun really can do long term damage.  Honestly, I don't protect the rest of my skin as well as I should, but I'm crazy about my face.
I haven't been using lotion on my face on a regular basis because I always felt it made my skin worse, but within the past few weeks I've decided to moisturize my face daily.  So far I'm enjoying this oil-free lotion.

I hate piling on makeup and have never worn foundation in my life.  Instead, if I'm going to go out and want to add a bit more color and an even base to my skin, I'll use tinted moisturizer.  I have two similar options from Laura Mercier.  The regular and the illuminating which has a slight shimmer to it, perfect for a night out. 

I will then add bronzer to set it.  This one from Benefit is my favorite because it has absolutely no shimmer to it.  Because I place it on all parts of my face I want color from my bronzer, not shine.  I have other products to illuminate, highlight and glisten.
So that's it on my face.  I will be posting more throughout the week on various looks, my makeup choices, and haircare.