beauty week: Hair Today

Today in continuation of beauty week, I'm going to talk about haircare. 

I have extremely fine hair.  Bone straight.  It won't keep a curl to save my life.  It's wonderful because I don't have to blow dry it if I don't want to, but it has zero body and requires frequent shampooing. 

Years back I needed a change in my life and was considering a tattoo or dying my hair.  I decided to highlight my hair and I somewhat wish I had gone for the tattoo.  After about a year of highlights I became wayy too blonde!  I decided to return to my natural color and after two years of dying and glazing my hair brunette, I'm almost there.  I probably have a few more inches of that dead, split end, unhealthy hair left.

Now that we've established that I love my natural hair color, let's get to my products.  Over the years, I've tried shampoos from Aveda, Sebastian, Bumble and Bumble, Fekkai, and more....but I just keep coming back to John Frieda brilliant brunette.  You can't imagine how upset I was when they tried to discontinue it.
 Pre-dying, I never used to condition my hair because it made it more greasy and weigh it down.  I am loving this neutrogena conditioner for it's thick consistency and hydrating qualities.
 To help save my split ends and repair my damaged locks, I use penetrait by sebastian.  It's fabulous
 I'm on my third or fourth bottle of Trilliant by Sebastian.  It protects against the heat of my blowdryer, helps smooth my hair, and maintains a shine in my straight hair. Amazing!
 This is a recent product I've fallen in love with.  Of course I need a volumizer.  I used to use all Aveda products, but I've found the Sebastian line to be more successful in managing my hair.

 So that's it.  I wear my hair in a pony or bun to work most days and wear it down all other days of the week.  I will occassionally attempt an updo.  I've come to learn throughout the years that I can't rock bangs, I don't do short layers, my hair is best long, and I hate face-framing wisps.  It only took me about 15 years, dozens of horrible haircuts, and way too many hair dyes to figure out the best hairstyle for me.  Now I just have to continue to stick with it.