downhill from here

My birthday is in a month.  I'm going to be 26, which means I can no longer consider myself on the 21 side of my mid-twenties.  I'm quite upset about this.  I remember when I was turning 22 and I said "it's all downhill from here."  Well that's completely ridiculous.  This year I'm settling into a new job and new life in Manhattan, plus I'm marrying the man of my dreams.  I'm working on being a better person and trying to decide what I want out of life and my career.

With all of that being said, fiance asked me the other day what I want for my birthday.  I said nothing.

Clearly we all know that's not true.

Here's my wishlist.  

birthday wishlist

Rare sequin cocktail dress, $64
J Crew long sleeve top, $118
J Crew tailored jacket, $148
Eliza j, $138
Kate Spade ankle strap high heels, $328
Kate Spade pointy toe flat, $225
Me Too bow flat, $89
Valentino handbag, €1.525
Dara Ettinger rose gold jewelry, $125
Polka dot jewelry, $59
Wrap bracelet, $34
Link jewelry, $22
Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum No Color 1.7 oz, $130
Safari Rug, 5'x8', Ivory/Platinum | west elm, $99
Bobbi Brown Lip Color, $23