beauty week: make up my face

When I'm doing anything besides going to work or the gym, I wear more makeup.  I start of with my face lotion and bobbi brown conclear and corrector.  Then depending on the day I'll wear bronzer and tinted foundation.

I used to use Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel.  It's wonderful and stays on all day.  You apply it with an eyeliner brush, but it gives a beautiful thick line.  I had it in the darkest brown color.
That is until I found this Bobbi Brown eyeliner which is just as beautiful, stays all day, and is way easier to apply.  It's so smooth and glides on perfectly!  I have it in a brown/bronze color.

 In order to keep my eyeshadow on all day, I use this Lancome eyeshadow primer.  It really does make a difference.  I used to have a Laura Mercier primer but it was not as thick as the Lancome pot which helps keep my carefully placed look exactly where I want it for longer.
I've been using Stila eyeshadow since I was in high school.  It's so convenient because you can switch out the colors in your 4, 6, or 8 pan compact depending on the seasons or what you're feeling most.  The only color I have been through three of thus far is kitten, a perfect very pale pink almost silver/gold shade. 

I now have three different palettes of Dior eyshadow and I love them all.  The colors are great and because they are soft, they are easy to apply
Incognito is a very natural collection of colors which I use for a nude eye look. It has a combination of matte colors with a small amount of shine.
I have another palette that I don't know the name of and can't find online, but it's similar to the one below.  It has pinks, golds and for the darker colors a grey and brown for the crease.

This is my most recent purchase and it's dynamite.  It's called petal shine and I have started using it almost every time I wear makeup.  The purples really bring out my green eyes.  I learned that a long time ago but haven't been able to find a purple eyeshadow that isn't too bold and throwback to 80's.  This palette is absolutely amazing.
When I don't need waterproof mascara, I adore this mascara.  The funny heart-shaped wand makes application so easy!  I have tried the normal great lash but every time I wear it I smudge it all over my already done makeup.   It's so frustrating!  With this brush I have perfect application every time (ok well almost every time, because I'm a klutz).
I always use my eyelash curler pre-mascara application.
This is my favorite blush, because of the perfect pink color with the right amount of shimmer.  Benefit hits it out of the park.
And here are a couple of other benefit creations that I occasionaly use to highlight and add depth to my look when I'm going out.

 There are a few other products I use, but these are the basics.  I'm in search for a great water-proof mascara.  I have a lot of weddings to attending this year, not to mention my own wedding and the various events surrounding it.  I'm planning on doing my own makeup for my wedding so I need to find a fabulous mascara.  I certainly will be shedding tears.. I'll need to use my Save the Date hankie!