Out of commission

Our router's power cord is broken so we can only hardwire to the Internet. Which means you have to sit in one particular spot in the apartment to plug in. I'm updating y'all from my phone.

I'll be back to blogging whenever we get a new one. I'm working the next couple of days and fiancé's job has crazy hours too, so it could be awhile.

Just to hold you until then, here are a few pics of our fabulous four day weekend. It was beyond amazing to see my man for four straight days without either of our work interrupting. We won't have another day off together until mid February, so I'm sure to start getting cranky pretty soon.

(yes the pics are mostly food and drinks. Annddd we went to both katz's and Carnegie deli within 24 hours of each other. Definitely not in the wedding diet. We did go to the gym though)