The New Traditional

I absolutely love the magazine House Beautiful.  I think it blows all other decor mags out the window.  I can't wait until it rolls in my mailbox.  I have a very hard time throwing old issues away but had a recent purge due to the size of this apartment.  Maybe it just is more my style and has decor that I love; there's something about that magazine that has my heart.

When the December/January 2012 issue came I found my dream interior.  Apparently it's called the New Traditional.  I love it because it has all of those classic regal accents in a light and airy space.  The texture and warmth created with perfectly placed but not over abundant color is outstanding.  There's a mixture of old and new which makes the place feel lived in.  I hate it when you look at an interior and think it was made for a magazine, any living room should feel like a home.

I've never before seen an interior of a home that I loved so much and thought was decorated perfectly.  So this just so happens to be my new dream home.  It's perfect.
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 The only thing I don't like is the exterior.  I would prefer faded shingles and a wrap around porch.

So I made sure to cut all of the pages out of the magazine so I can keep them for inspiration when I finally have more than one bedroom to decorate.