i'm back

Thanks to my amazing fiance for going up to TWC to exchange the broken powercord, we now have wifi.  My iPad is dead because of it's lack of use and needs probably 10 hours to charge back to itself.  Literally had a dead battery with lightning bolt on it for the first 5 minutes after I plugged it in. 

This is the first week of 6 in which fiance and I won't have a day off together.  Between our work and travel schedules we only get to see each other if by lucky chance he gets out of work before my bedtime.  Which is quite rare.  I'm lonely and cranky already and there's still five more weeks to go.

Anyway I wanted to stop in to post about Urban Outfitter's Apartment section.  UO, the store that originated in Philadelphia and was frequented daily by some girls at my college.  The place that I got the "what wouldn't jesus do?" flask for a gag gift and many other assorted items.  My friend Emily came home from UO recently with mad loot including some great deals and an adorable pair of blue jeans (like blue. jeans as in colored blue, not "bluejeans").

Instead of calling it a "home" section, it's an "apartment" section.  Which makes me feel a bit better living in this 5-600 sqft place with two people.   Anyway, the reason I post about it is not just the name.  It's the amazing items.  And at affordable prices.  I can't say anything about the quality because I have not yet bought anything, but you can be sure there will be a few items on our registry from UO for those friends who want to get us something a tad quirky (although I would love to see some creativity from peeps!)

So here are some items I am loving.  Particularly the tray, rocking chair, side-table, couch, and gold shade. What do you think?  Did you find something else on the site I should know about?