Fiance flew down to the Bahamas on a private jet to run a half-marathon with friends.  They spent the whole weekend having fun I assume.  We could only really communicate via email and that was few and far between.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to visit my family. I was supposed to go to Disney World with a good friend, but I felt like it would be best for me to come home to DC instead.  My brother is moving to Hawaii in three weeks and if I don't go visit him there then the next time I'll see him will likely be my wedding in September.  I'm planning a visit for May hopefully.    Add to that that my grandmother has been sick and is now at an inpatient rehab and you can see why I (begrudgingly) blew off Disney.  I hadn't seen her in a month or so and I was itching to get in a visit.   
So on friday I picked up some things for her from her house, got her a starbucks coffee, and went to get her dog.  He's staying at a family member's house.  He has quite a special place in my grandmother's heart.  Sometimes I believe she loves him more than her 20 grandchildren.  He certainly doesn't have a mouth on him quite like some of her grandkids do...unless he's looking for a treat.  She spoils him rotten!

I'm not sure if dogs are allowed in to visit at this inpt rehab, and i didn't want to ask or they might say no.  So we put him in  a tote bag, covered up his little nose and walked right in.
He was so well behaved!  He didn't make a peep on our way to my Grandmother's room (we'll call her GM).  She was beyond thrilled to see him!  She held him close for a couple of hours.  She had missed him so much! She even said "this is so wonderful, I love my elmo.  This is just therapy having him here and holding him"

Being the classy lady that she is, she wouldn't let me take a photo until she put her lipstick on.

 You could tell Elmo was equally as thrilled to be back with GM.

Not a single hospital employee came into the room when we were there!  My cousins came to visit and we all had a nice time.  We even brought a couple of macaroons.  GM has been good about not eating too many sweets but she did have one and was quite impressed.

Now as a nurse I must say that I would never sneak a dog into a hospital.  But I think inpatient rehab is a different story.  I actually think it's allowed where she is, but I didn't feel like asking and going through all the paperwork.

That was just one small part of my fabulous weekend. I also got to have dinner at the club where the wedding will be, saw many cousins, went to DFH and even met with a florist.  I have decided to go with this florist and am so happy with her.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.  I'm sure some of you are itching to hear more details about the wedding.