oh christmas tree...

A couple of weeks ago fiance and I got our Christmas tree.  I couldn't handle it, I wanted to get it as early as possible!  I'm working this year, for the third (semi-fourth) year in a row and I wanted to feel the Christmas spirit for as long as possible.  Just one of the duties of being a nurse. There's something magical about this time of year, the smiles on peoples' faces, family get togethers, and the gift of giving. 

Starting right after Thanksgiving, Christmas tree stands start to pop up across the streets of New York.  It's a wonderful aroma to walk down this part of 9th ave.
This being Manhattan, they come in all sizes!  I couldn't stomach getting one half my height.

Here's fiance booking it home with our new tree.
 And holding it up in one hand!
 He claims it's 6 fee tall, but I don't think the nub at the top counts, so It's more like 5'5" or 5'8
 I put a trashbag down on the ground first to cover my rug.

 The christmas wreath.

 an ornament i made when i was in pre-K and a picture of fiance when he was little
 my favorite of the beautiful Twas the night before christmas set that my grandmother got.   the mouse!

I'm very please with our tree.  The only issue we had was that fiance and I disagree on how to put lights on a tree, but of course I won that battle!

I would love to see pics of your holiday decorations