mustache cookies

A number of fiance's coworkers donated to his movember movement, so I made them some thank you goodies.

It started with a trip to the grocery store and William Sonoma to pick up some decorating items.
I then unpacked the oven and began making my mess.   I followed these recipes for the cookies and frosting.  Like every good cookie recipe, this began with butter and sugar.
Eventually my dough looked like this.  I flowered my counter and rolled it out
Cut the cookies
I put them in the oven to bake.  It took less than 10 mintues.  You have to be very careful about overcooking the cookies.  If they start to brown you've gone too long.

While they cool, the next step is to make the frosting.  It was difficult to figure out the consistency needed for piping vs. the base or filling frosting.  And the frost didn't taste that good until it dried on the cookies.

Once I finally got there, I filled my piping bag with icing and got started.
The first step in icing was to make a circle on each cookie before filling in the white background to the cookies.
 Somehow I didn't take any pictures between this and the finished product.  I think I got into the zone with my glass of wine and Christmas music.  But here they are.....

 It took me a couple of tries to find the mustache shapes that worked best when piping icing, but I did come to two that I liked best and mostly stuck to those.

According to fiance, they were a raging success at the office!