it's fun being top banana in the shock department

If there's one thing in my life I regret doing, it's purchasing my condo.  I hate it.  I hate being a landlord and I wish I hadn't listened to my family's well-meant advice.  They were wrong.  Maybe I would feel different if I still lived there.  Of course I could never have predicted that I would be moving away from DC to the one city I always said I would never live in.  But life's unpredictable.
Everyone keeps telling me it's a great investment...blah blah blah if they really think that then they can buy it from me.  Anyone want to?  If I had my way I would sell it yesterday (or as soon as my current tenants finish this lease).  Fiance says I'm not allowed to sell it, but it's mine and not his so....   
Who's in the market for a beautiful, recently renovated, large one-bedroom condo
just minutes away from Washington, DC in Arlington, Virginia?
I hear it's a great investment.

Here's a great investment:  the man who purchased Holly Golightly's NYC apartment for $1.88million in 2000 and has fixed it up to an asking price of $5.8million.   I wouldn't mind living here.