for serious

I enjoy writing this blog and I know that I post about lovely items and am constantly adding to my wishlist.  I love handbags, clothes, shoes, apple products...this list goes on.   I had a wonderful Christmas with family and received some fabulous gifts! But deep down, I have a more genuine and important Christmas wish list and I've decided to share it with you.

I wish that everyone in my life finds love in others.  I believe my wonderful family and friends deserve the best and a love and marriage to last a lifetime.

I hope for health, I work in three intensive care units at one of New York's leading hospitals, so I see some terrible things.  I know modern medicine cannot fix everything but I wish for the health and strength of myself and my family.  I hope that we know when to stop advancing modern medicine.  I worry about having sick children one day, losing my loved ones, or even becoming ill myself.  You can only do your best for your health and sometimes it's out of your control.

I pray for peace. For the inherent good in all people, in which I believe.  For those without physical homes and for people who are not mentally capable.

I wish for those in hardships to have the strength to live through each day, to find their inner smile and dreams.

I hope you all have a very merry christmas spent with family and friends!

greetings from my friend's place in soho!