fig & olive

I worked this past Sunday so it kinda cut into my weekend.  We partied at the Movember celebration on Friday night and I had a nice brunch and Target shopping with my girlfriends in Brooklyn on Saturday.  The Movember party was a costume party to accentuate the mustaches.  Fiance went balls to the walls to say the least.

 Our doorman Joe thought it was hilarious!

Luckily for me, on Saturday night fiance and I got to go on a date!!   Although we keep saying we need to plan in advance and try a long list of restaurnts, we often wait until the last minute to decide.  We live quite close to Hell's Kitchen, so we do the "walk down ninth" and just walking along ninth ave and pick a place.  It's hard to come across a horrendous meal in NYC.  There are a million restaurants and you generally have ot be pretty good just to make rent.

So anyway, when I got home from shopping fiance picked a couple of restaurants on open table with reservations between 6 and 7:30pm.  That is wicked early for NYC, but when I have to wake up at 5:30or so for working on my feet all day, I like to go to bed at like 9:30 or 10pm.  So 6:15 or 7pm dinner is perfect because we can have a nice long dinner and not go straight to bed after.

Anyway, we ended up deciding on Fig and Olive.  Let me tell you... it was outstanding!  Probably the best dinner we've had in months.  And definitely made the top five dinner dates ever (on that list would likely also be DFH alehouse and 1789).  The decor was simple, chic, romantic and inviting with a Mediterranean influence.  The lighting was perfect, the chairs immensely comfortable.  I should have taken more pics.

We started off with a trio of crostinis.
Then mushroom soup and a fig and cheese salad.

I got a Moroccan chicken with a delish chimichurri sauce
Fiance had pumpkin, sage and chicken ravioli.  It looked amazing!  He said it wasn't exactly what he was expecting, but that's probably because it was less classic italian ravioli and more about the chicken and sage with a hint of pumpkin...just up my alley.
...but he finished the entire plate!
Oh and the wine we ordered was so delish we even each had a glass ontop of the bottle we split!  It was a solid drinkable wine but still with a bold flavor.  Love!
Then despite me denying a need for dessert, fiance ordered the cherry and mascapone crostini.  It had the perfect crisp almost shortbread base with real maraschino cherries ontop of a perfect creamy blend.  I love me some dessert, but I would probably choose cheese over dessert almost any day of the week and this was amazing. 

Then on our way home we had a nice scenic walk....
 gotta love Christmas in New York!

Oh and then there was me waiting at fiance's office for him to pick up a few things.  Notice all of the Louis Ghost Chairs?  I almost walked out with one.  They wouldn't have noticed, right?  Despite having to stop at his office, it was an amazing dinner date. 

So if anyone wants to come visit NYC and go to Fig & Olive, I will definitely join you!