christmas in new york

This is my first Christmas in New York and I have been enjoying it ver much.  It does get annoying with all of the tourists in town, but unless I'm purposefully choosing to join the masses, I try to stay clear of any major holiday tourist attractions.  My brothers, dad and stepmom were in town this past weekend so we got a bit of the New York Christmas experience.
 The view of the ESB from the Top of the Strand Rooftop Bar
 A Manhattan, my favorite drink

  My favorite store could have done a smidge better with their Rockefeller Center store window
 The reason I steer clear of Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall
 My dad's snack along the way...
 My brothers' favorite brand, apparently they have a store in NYC!
And the entire reason my family came to visit... to see my cousin in the New York City Ballet Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.  She was amazing!