random musings

Just wanted to stop in before the weekend.  This is the first weekend since September 3 that I have been in town, not working, and without out-of-town guests.   Don't get me wrong, I have had a great time over the past two and a half months.  We've been to DC, Miami, Philly and CT.  We've had some great times with family and friends visiting us here in our new home.  But I'm about ready for a weekend in my new hometown with my fiance.  We had lunch on Tuesday and saw each other for about 30 min a couple nights ago, but otherwise haven't seen each other since Sunday.  You don't even want to know what time he's been coming home from work.  
 I was very happy to see my Dad and Stepmom here in NYC.  They finally saw our place and we had a fun dinner.

But guess what?  we're going on a date tonight!  Thanks to a few friends and fam who gave us gift cards and cash we've decided what we would like most is to enjoy a nice evening.  Hopefully despite whatever work he has to do this weekend, I'll see him.

It's been getting a bit chilly here recently and the Christmas lights are going up.  These are part of my walk to work

and these are hanging at Columbus Circle. 
BTW, did you know that there's a bar at Whole Foods? 
Also does anyone else end up spending wayyy too much money everytime you go into WF?  I especially have a problem with their DFH colelction.

So that's about all I have.  I'm going to spend the weekend getting things done around this place.  Which is a mess by the way.  Nobody's Perfect! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm so excited that we are officially into the Holiday Season.  Do you think it's too early to get a Christmas Tree?!?!?