I'm sure most of you have heard about Movemeber by now.  If not, it's basically when men give their upper lip to raise money for men's cancer.  They will rock a mustache for the entire month of November, which is hence called Movember.  It's a great way for men to get involved in cancer research and gives them a break from some of the shaving.  Fiance is doing it this year, and although it's not great for my upper lip, I am supportive.  Because of our work schedules, I don't see him that often anyways so that probably makes it more tolerable.  This week I haven't seen him since Sunday.

Anyway, please feel free to click on the link to donate to his movember page and to check out what I'm living with!

I've been looking around for ideas for my escort cards for the wedding and stopped dead in my search when I saw these.   It made me think of Movember and I just had to share with you.

We will definitely not be doing this.  But if anyone has any fab ideas for escort cards, I would love to hear them!