let there be light

As you may recall, when I started updating my condo one of the first changes I made was to add recessed lighting.  I added about 20 recessed lights.  The lighting was key to bring the warmth to the place.  I absolutely loved it.  While I was shopping for my couch, rugs, art and other accessories I didn't put much of my resources into purchasing lamps.  Ok, so I put absolutely nothing into lamps.  Now that our apartment has come quite far, it's about time for me to move onto lamps.  The importance of lighting is undeniable.  This needs to be from many sources- overhead, table lamps, floor lamps, spot lighting.  Of course, I love candles the most.

But I think I need to start looking around for fabulous lamps.  Maybe a little DIY or some vintage/thrift finds.

I did, of course, scour the interweb to find some lamps I like.  Here are a few...