how could you?!

Jenna Lyons, the stylish and fabulous president and creative director of J.Crew, has filed for divorce from her husband.  Apparently she likes girls now.  So they're breaking up and . wait for it  . . . . . .



park slope


um. what?!?!  have you seen this place?!  Her house has been in many articles (domino, elledeocr and livingetc to name a few) and now the fact that she's selling it is all over the blogs.  I first read about it on twitter and my jaw dropped to the floor.

I mean I can understand that if your wife decides she's no longer into you but actually likes boobies, that you wouldn't want to live with her anymore.  But would I give up that house? no way!  Here are some photos

I might stay in new york forever if I lived in this place.  Here's the floorplan.  LOVE