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This post is going to probably sound a bit serious. Ok it's going to sound a lot serious, so if you're not into that feel free to skip down to the next post (Gaga).

I'm sure by now you've all heard that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from 72-day hubby Kris Humphries.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you saw some part of the 4 hour special "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" where she and her mom, Kris Jenner planned an elaborate multi-million dollar wedding.  Humphries wanted to be involved and had opinions throughout the special but of course Kim and her mom had the final say.  He was belittled throughout the entire special and even on the night of their rehearsal dinner Kris and Kim were fighting.  Big shocker, their marriage didn't last.  72 days.  That's not even three months.

This pisses me of so much.  It's not just Kim K who I'm upset with, it's this generation's perception of marriage.  I remember my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, my grandfather first and foremost always thanking my grandmother.  and I thank them for the beautiful family that they have created, with 20 amazing grandchildren who have been raised in a loving family.  What ever happened to that?  During their time divorce wasn't an option like it is today.  Of course there were still divorces and I do believe that it should always be there, but for a damn good reason.  Divorce was created for times when you find out something terrible about your spouse after the wedding (like they're a psychopath or a pedophile), or a man or woman physically hurts the other person; but these are extreme cases.   

I believe that if people went into marriage with the knowledge that it is forever, a bond that is meant to last, that we would have less divorce.  These days people get married with it in the back of their minds that there's always the out of divorce.  Why is it OK that people are throwing marriage around like it's a trend?

And this 4hour special? for a wedding?  for ONE DAY!?  I have to say I am so excited about my wedding and have to stop myself sometimes when I get carried away with planning and the expenses.  I can't wait to put on my beautiful dress and walk down the isle to the man I love, to pick the colors of flowers, the food and drinks, and plan the party.  but mostly I am excited because of the wedding itself.  I get to stand up in front of everyone that is important to me and claim my love for the most wonderful man in the world, my best friend.  I get to vow to him to be there for him through thick and thin. And I get to have him promise me that right back.   When else in your life do you ever get to stand in front of everyone you care about and make a vow?  Maybe if you become a judge or a priest, but I certainly will never have that option.  It's about the marriage and it really is a shame that some people value the wedding more these days.

Not to mention, someone like Kim Kardashian can have a marriage that lasts shorter than the NFL season while a beautiful, madly in love same-sex couple that has been together for years or even decades cannot marry!  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I'm not saying I'm a major advocate of gay marriage and am going to go march about it, but I am very passionate about love and marriage.  Kim K and our other celebrities (remember britney spears' two day marriage?) are certainly tainting marriage way more than the gays would.

Relationships are work, and of course I haven't been married before so I don't know what it's like to be with someone for 50+ years.  But I know that marriages are work too, as with everything in life.  I'm not going to divorce my brother because he pisses me off, or disown my mom because she forgets my work schedule.  Family is forever, and so is husband and wife.  I think happy families come from happy couples.  If there isn't a strong bond between man and wife with love and support, how are children supposed to become strong characters and strong souls.   (now this all being said, my parents are divorced and they have successfully raised three wonderful children and i love them both very much)

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omg.  wow that was a long post, and I know I went on a bit but this is and has for a long time been one of my largest points of frustration.