This is going to sound terribly cliche, but growing up we always used the sterling silver flatware.  My mom has a jumbled collection of various pieces from family, friends, and thrift finds.  It does make a difference, and I'm going to sound like a spoiled brat saying this, but there's nothing better than eating ice cream or yogurt with a sterling silver spoon.  I don't even feel bad about saying it!

This is a long post, so read more after the jump...

So although it would be the number one most idea wedding gift I could receive and I would love to register for sterling silver flatware, it's just not practical.  I would love a beautiful, monogrammed set that my husband and I can call our own and use daily.  It just costs so much for new sets and I can't even ask or register for something that lavish and expensive on our registry.  I'm going to have to find, over time, a set that works for fiance and I.  I'm thinking estate sales and other means will get me to my goal one day.

That being said, we have decided to start to register for some things.  It's early on in the game, but the more I get done for the wedding, the better I feel about the things that are still left on my million-item to-do list.  When it comes to china, we've decided to pick something classic.  We have a beautiful set of red, white, martini and champagne glasses from C&B.  We aren't going to register for crystal stemware because it's so breakable and so expensive we would never use it.

I want to use those beautiful things in my life that I am so blessed to have. I'm the girl who wears jewelry to work, shower, sleep, and more.  I don't believe in keeping it in the jewelry box because it's too nice.  Of course I have a few items I won't wear to work.  If we are able to pick a classic, neutral china pattern then we can use it more than once a year.  Yes it's expensive, but I plan on using it.  Maybe even on those nights when I'm home alone eating take out or microwaved dinner (um, so every night of the work week) I'll enjoy my dinner on a beautiful china plate.

So now that you know how I feel about it, let's go through a few of our options.

Fiance and I started at Macy's and came down to two choices.  We wanted something gold banded with a white background.   We looked at most of these.  And ultimately came down to two choices.

The Vera Wang Wedgwood Lace Gold Collection

and The Kate Spade Library Lane Collection

It was a toss up.   We loved the gold banding on the first one, but it had a bit too much flower on the salad plate.  The second one is great but the navy was for some reason not quite what I imagined.  Also fiance was totally against both teacups.  Funny, right?  He didn't like the contemporary circular mug.  We ended up choosing the Kate Spade, with the thought that because it was so early in the game we could always change it.

Then yesterday I was in Williams Sonoma and fell in love with this:
Winner winner chicken dinner!    The Pickard Signature Monogram 5-Piece Place Setting with Margaret teacup.  It has a classic gold rim and YOU CAN MONOGRAM IT! AH!! so fabulous.  I have to take fiance to see it (more than just the pictures I texted him), but I'm fairly certain this is going to be our china.  It can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessory plates and table linens.  Plus the teacup is totally up fiance's alley.   What do you think?!