As you can probably tell from all of the pics I post both on the blog and on twitter, I'm frequently painting my nails. This is mainly because of the purell and alcohol scrub I use at work. It's basically nailpolish remover. Not only does it ruin my nails, in the winter it destroys my hands and skin. So when a $10-20 manicure lasts most people up to a week, if I work mine might only last a day or two. Plus once my polish starts to chip I freak out and start picking it off.

This all being said, I recently purchased 6 Essie colors. I found them on this website for $4 a bottle! Some of these were from the most recent fall line too.

I used to keep all of my polishes in a large cosmetics bag, but I could barely zip it! I also wasn't able to see all of the colors, so a few sat at the bottom of the bag.

Last week I was painting my nails and took all of the polishes out so I could see what I have. I really do have a lot of colors, but I would often forget about most of them.
Then I found an ikea box, similar to the ones that are on my desk. I put all of the bottles in and they fit perfectly! I even (::cough cough:: OCD PICU nurse::) organized them in rainbow/color order. All of the nail paraphernalia went into the bag, with plenty of room to zip it closed!
Last week I painted my mani/pedi all Essie polishes: Wicked on my toes and Bobbing for Baubles on my hands with one nail of Mint Candy Apple on each hand.

Here's another pick of Bobbing for Baubles, a beautiful deep navy with a hint of gray. It's this color that I wanted to purchase online and made me search for where I could buy it. It would be perfect on a wall and is great for fall.