did I show you..

Fiance is blessed with not enjoying sweets that much. He'll eat and very much enjoy dessert, but he doesn't crave it and he can easily refrain from dessert sitting in front of him if he so desires. I am not so lucky. Anyway, the one thing he will stuff himself with and eat an entire package of is E.L Fudge cookies.
So for his birthday I decided to attempt to make him some cookies. If you know me well, you've had my oreo chunk cookies, which are basically chocolate chip cookies with crushed oreos instead of chocolate chips. I even made my brother an oreo cookie cake for his birthday one year. That went over well. They're the best.

So off I went to the grocery store. They didn't have any of fiance's cookies so I went to Duane Reade and guess what!? they had them. Thank you NYC. I hate that every time I go to the grocery store I have to go to at least two markets to find what I'm looking for! Gah! Can't a sister have a safeway please?
So I unpacked in the kitchen. You can tell by the pictures that it was a bit of a squeeze. I had to unload the oven of all of the dishes I was storing in there to turn it on and use it.
I used my ipad as a cookbook with the recipe in front of me.

I took the oreo recipe and instead of adding oreos added E.L.Fudge cookies. I suggest cutting them with a bread knife, it works wonderfully!

The dough turned out like this...
I use a mini ice-cream scooper to scoop out the cookies onto the baking sheet.
I even put a batch into the mini oven/toaster that I like to bake with. I had cookies everywhere and this was just a normal sized batch that I could make in two trays in VA.
Where would I put them to cool? Without the counter top space, they got to sit on the floor!

I didn't think they turned out as good as the oreo ones and I'll probably never make them again, but it's the thought that counts. The doorman got a taste and said "not bad."

I took them to lunch when I met with fiance and he brought them back to the office. This is the text exchange between myself (green) and fiance (white).
Apparently the people at work thought they were great. At least someone was pleased. This is a great start to send not so fab cookies, next time if it's actually one of my recipes I make well I'll knock their socks off! ha