I love a good bow.  It is probably related to my catholic school girl upbringing.  I have a bucket full of ribbons at my childhood home (sorry mom!) which I wore on my ponytail with my school uniform quite frequently.

Maybe I should find this wedding dress for my big day (i found it on google images).  I wonder how fiance would feel if he saw this coming down the isle.
It's quite like the dress Kris Jenner wore for Kim K's wedding.
note to y'all: i'm not telling anyone about my dress.  There are three people who know what dress I'm going to wear and I'm not even telling who they are! ha!  you can wait until sept 2012 to find out.

So back to the bows, I have a soft spot in my heart for anything with a bow.  Shoes can look fab with one, but here's my most recent wishlist item:

Isn't Kate Spade's Bow Bridge Sasha great? A classic I must say.

Plus good news, it's on sale!
If only my september credit card bill hadn't been the highest I've ever had, maybe I could treat myself.