step into my....closet?

Remember way back when I reorganized my closet in Arlington?  Well when I moved into fiance's apartment the living room closet (it's basically the hall closet, but we don't actually have a hall...we have a living room/foyer/hall/kitchen/dining room) became a catch all.  My main goal when moving in was to pull the place together enough that we could live together in our manhattan apartment without feeling clausterphobic or wanting to kill each other.

Fiance has the bedroom closet and dresser and I have a very amazeballs wonderful wardrobe system from Ikea.
 Both of our clothing storage spaces are well organized.  Which means the hall closet has become the catch-all.....
 of course it doesn't help that we have two sets of golf clubs up in here.

So last week, during my epically disappointing attempted missoni for target run, I picked up some containers.  Cost me a bit because I bought three wicker ones, but it's worth it.  I started by taking everything out of the closet...

Check out this organizational box.  One pair of fiance's shoes practically fills it!  God his shoes are mammoth.

Then I proceed to return everything to the closet, but in containers and infinitely more organized.

I know, you're jealous.  It feels so good!