Before you move to a new state I advise you look into all of the paperwork involved.  Of course the first thing is generally changing your address with any place you've ever registered.   Magazines, doctor's offices, banks, catalogs, car dealer, condo association...shall I go on? 

And then there's the DMV.

I figured my first step was to get a New York driver's license.  It was a bit of an emotional and definitive step.  For some terrible reason despite the fact that I went in the middle of a weekday, the DMV was packed and I was there for over two hours. 
New York State is one of the most picky of all the states.  Not only do you need to fill out forms, but they require a passport AND social security card.  With all of this I would have expected to need some sort of verification for my new address, but apparently the state of New York doesn't care.  I could have put down any address I wanted! When I moved to Virginia, I had to have paperwork verifying my residence.  Anyway I am not a certified resident of New York City.

The next step was registering my car in NY.  Now you're probably thinking it's a bit absurd that we have a car in manhattan, but because both fiance and I were previously living in Virginia we both had cars.  When I first moved up here, neither one of us were making use of our cars.  They were at our parents houses but we were still paying for them.  So we sold one (the sports car unfortunately) and put that money into paying for a garage and the increased insurance on the other one (the sensible sedan that gets great gas mileage and handles well in the snow).   I sometimes wish we kept the sports car.
What is needed to register your car in NY?  Oh just a letter from your bank with a certified copy of the title, a new york state inspection, insurance card, your NY drivers license, proof of sales tax payment.  This time I came prepared with entertainment for the long wait.  I was in and out in less than 30 minutes!

And THEN once you get your beautiful new plates you have to have your car insurance inspected.  Apparently it's mandated by the state that you have pictures taken of your car so that you can't later commit insurance fraud. All of these steps and paperwork have my head spinning.

wasn't this a thrilling post?! hope you enjoyed.  also random thought: why is that commercials are getting louder every day?