my life in pictures

I know since I've moved to Manhattan I have been quite the terrible blogger.  I'm kinda hoping that I'll start to get back into it, but I just don't seem to have as much of a desire to post as I did when I was in VA.   Right now it comes in waves, so you'll get a bunch of posts at one time.  I wish I could tell you it's because I'm living such a fabulous life up here and am busy all the time, but that's not completely the case.
I do have a ton I could share with you about my new life here in NYC, but for now I'll just share a few pictures of recent adventures.    All taken with my iPhone.  I need to learn how to use my DSLR so much so that I not only take great pictures but want to carry it with me everywhere.

Did you know there's an amusement park in Central Park?  There's also a Zoo.  The other day my uncle, my younger cousin, and I took part in the fun.  We even got to see a 4D movie!
 Nice view from the rides...Manhattan buildings.
 apparently one of the stars at the zoo is the snow leopard.  Quite beautiful.
 There's even a petting zoo

 and here's a majorly cropped self-taken photo when we were on one of the rides.

Throughout this entire summer fiance and I have spent a lot of time both out of town and visiting with friends and family.  This has definitely been a lot of fun and what we should do while we're young and don't have a family, but I was ready to spend some time with him at home and around town.  It's been quite overwhelming living in this huge city and I definitely miss being at home in DC with my family and friends there.  Add all of this to starting a new job and you could say I've had a bit of stress and uncertainty.
This past weekend I was able to see my mom up here in NYC which was helpful.  When I'm a bit stressed out and overwhelmed there's nothing quite like hanging out with mom.  She has such wonderful advice and an unbelievable outlook on life.  Of course I can say all of this on my blog without her getting a big head because she doesn't read it.
Once mom left, I was able to spend one full day alone with fiance.  Our schedules make this a rare occasion and I most certainly did not take it for grated.  It started off with some lounging, a bike ride through Central Park, a walk down The High Line, and finally dinner & dessert in Little Italy.