epic fail. epic. epic fail.

I can't even begin to describe the absolute letdown and disappointment I'm feeling with the Target Missoni collection!!!!!! As you all know because I talk about it so much, I've been looking forward to this for months now!  Target has been promoting it so much that you would think they would have it together and be prepared.   I woke up early this morning at about 7:30 to check out the sale.  I had heard items would be posted at 4am but you wouldn't be able to checkout until 8am.  When I got online the site was moving slow, but I was able to add the four things I really wanted to my shopping bag.

And then the site crashed.  Completely.  I couldn't get to my shopping cart to check out and I couldn't even go online to the site.  I tried many more times, went onto my phone but it would not work.  You can see the upset below because I posted immediately to share with y'all my frustrations.

So i decided because I already needed to pick up some things at target (more about that later), I would go to Target.  I got in the car, made my way through the Lincoln Tunnel and into new jersey and found this....
That's only one children's skirt left!  Apparently people were lined up when the store opened at 8am.  And to think I was naive enough to believe I would be there early arriving at 10/10:30 (i thought it opened at 10).  All that I saw were girl's shoes.  I wish I could fit into these!  They're even cuter than the ladies ones that I like.

A lady came out with shoes to restock and she was unable to make it to the shoe department before they were all gone!  i was lucky enough to grab a pair in my size, but not the ones above.  There was also a restock of candles and ugly plates.  I grabbed two candles just by pure luck.  I felt bad for this hard working young woman...

So I walked around the store shopping for everything else I needed, occasionally seeing shoppers with carts piled high with Missoni products.  Let me tell you there were some adorable items!! I was so jealous.  One of the workers said there were people filling up their carts and everything was gone immediately.

So I checked out and heading to my car.  My amazing friend Jillian sent me a text when the site went back up and I was lucky enough to be in my car in the parking lot at the time!! Lucky for me some my items were still available!!!  I quickly filled up with items I wanted.  I saw the tumblers in the store in someone's cart and fell in love.  I got the dress and the sweater and was unable to purchase the infinity scarf in the color I wanted as seen above but found a brown one that I was happy about. 

And the Damn site wouldn't let me check out.  I put in all of my information, even tried two different credit cards but not one single time would it complete the transaction!!!  I couldn't believe it!  My brother tried checking out on his computer and the site crashed again.

Fast forward to me getting home.  I attempted to use the ipad app, the mobile site on my computer, google chrome, firefox, and more.  Now the site is finally up and running with occasional crashes and everything I want is sold out.  There were three items left that I wanted, one I ordered in a bigger size and by the time I filled out my checkout information two of the three were gone. 

So as you can imagine I'm completely frustrated and deflated.  I've had this on my calendar for almost 4 months now and it was a total bust.