random thoughts

I started work this week and I know most of you have been waiting to hear how it's going.  I can't quite say what it will be like, because for now we're going through hospital and nurse orientation.  This happens when you start at any new hospital but is quite boring.  Today I placed an IV in a plastic arm with red water running through it.  I was successful.
It's been difficult waking up before 7am every morning to get to the hospital in time to be there by 8. Boy have I been spoiled!  I had almost given up a need for coffee until this week...oh well!  As long as I don't get withdrawal headaches on days I don't drink it.  The commute isn't bad: a five minute walk, 15-20min train ride (depending on how long it takes for the train to come, it could be even more), then a few minutes on the other end.  The subway can be unpredictable at times though. 
I have a few things I want to share with you and have been meaning to blog about, but just haven't gotten to.  I still have to show you the rest of our apartment!  It's a bit of a mess right now because I have it to myself for a couple of nights but we generally keep it pretty tidy.  I will tell you that although I knew I would miss my love, I secretly thought it might be nice to sleep in a bed by myself for a couple of nights.  One might think the ability to spread out would be liberating.  I have found the exact opposite.  I definitely miss having him here and don't sleep quite as well without him.

Oh and remember when I posted about Missoni coming to Target?  They have released a few pieces of eye candy for us from the collection.  oh. my. g.  I die.
 they seem to have some great housewares!
 I think i will start wearing scarves if I can pick up a few of these
I wish one of these were like the ones my brothers bought in Venice, but I might just be able to convince fiance to wear one of these..?

This sweater isn't fabulous. ok so it's kinda ugly, but I could imagine curling up next to a fire in the fall
This blanket will be the first thing in my shopping cart
Well you certainly will be able to find your luggage at the baggage terminal with one of these
how fab is this bike?
 now I would never wear all of these pieces together, but if you look closely a few of them could be cute
 I would practically have a baby to put them in this onesie and blankie. 
eehhh just kidding.  i don't need a nugget running around.

am i too obsessed?
I guess we all know where my first paycheck will be going...