quite lucky

We were quite lucky with Hurricane Irene.  I was scheduled to work on Saturday and Sunday during the day so that was our challenge this past weekend.  A lot of the nurses slept at the hospital or piled up at people's apartments who live nearby.  I didn't feel like doing that, so I came home.  Fiance went home to visit his family on Saturday.  I take the subway to work and it was open on my way into work but they had preemptively closed it at noon.  So he picked me up on his way home from CT.  On Sunday morning, when the storm was to be it's worst, I was going to drive to work.  Fiance wouldn't let me go by myself, so he drove me and then picked me up later in the day.  Our drive on the NJTP recently was worse than our time in Irene.  Let me tell you, Manhattan was quite lucky.  Of course there was flooding down in Zone A and whatnot, but we barely even had bad wind and rain where we are.  I know many people got hit quite hard by Irene, but we are perfectly fine and very thankful for it.

On a much happier note, I was checking out the J.Crew website the other day....of course I should really stop doing such, but I fell in love with a few items.  Here's one of them.

If only I could just afford to spend $240 on a pair of heels.  I recently bought a new pair of shoes for work.  They're boring and ugly and cost me almost $150.  It is so sad that I don't have a job where I can justify purchasing heels, pretty blouses, shift dresses, pencil skirts and blazers "for work."  ....and then write it all off in my taxes!

Oh and while I'm wishing, I could use a fun dress to wear to our engagement party.  I've been looking around but haven't quite found anything yet.