Jayson Home

I recently received a catalog from Jayson Home.  I had never heard of them before, but I wish I had a bigger budget so that I could furnish  my future (imaginary) home in some of their amazing pieces.   They're based out of Chicago, so if any of y'all are in the midwest please go visit and send me pictures....or a couch.

I would love to ditch my massive leather modern sectional for a tufted beauty. Much like their Theodore Sofa.  The nailhead trim is to die for!

It would look great with this rug

Or I could upgrade to a plush white/ivory sofa (which would never fly with my terrible spilling habits but this heavy dreaming here) and add a Hugo Chair in honor of a few of my favorite people

These pictures don't do the chair justice.  It was actually this chair in the catalog that had me drooling and forced my browser to the Jayson Home website.

They even have an entire section of petrified wood.  Not quite sure why you would pay so much for a side table but to each his own I guess.  They are beautiful and remind me of my time spent on The Island.

Now that I've definitely gotten you to check out their website, head to the flea market section.  Love it.  I really need to start thrifting and hitting up flea markets in NYC....anyone have suggestions?  These bird prints are so amazing, I'm almost considering ordering them.