Glorious Treats

I was hanging out on Pinterest yesterday and came across this amazing picture of hydrangea cupcakes.  I figured I would never be able to make these, but wanted to see where they come from so maybe I could buy one someday.

The link took me to a fabulous dessert blog, Glorious Treats.  I would have thought these were a complicated fondant creation of sorts, but it's actually icing.  And I somewhat think I might be able to create this fabulous cupcake if I tried!

Glory, the author, has made some amazing desserts and shares recipes for most of them.  The pictures are mouth watering.  I wish I could take pictures this beautiful let alone actually make some of these desserts.


So next time you want to take a dessert to a party or are just up for a challenge, check out this fabulous blog and give one of these recipes a try.