the kitchen

This is a manhattan apartment, and as such there is a tiny little kitchen.  By law, in NYC landlords have to pay for hot water and heat so most apartments don't have a dishwasher.  Ours doesn't...our friends E&D- they have one and I'm so jealous!  Anyway here are a few pictures and updates to the apartment's kitchen.  Thus far I have only made popcorn on the stove.  In addition to the whole dishwasher thing, I don't like cooking just for myself and fiance is never home for dinner so it's not worth it for me to bust out everything, make a mess just for myself.

 Here are the pictures we took when we first came to see the place, before fiance even moved in.  Back when we both lived in arlington (tear.)
 as you can see the "kitchen" is pretty much in the living room.  
as you can also see, i live off of diet coke at the worst of times.

I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen before I moved in, but fiance and I went to Ikea and he bought a butcher block island to put in the corner.  It pretty much quadruples the amount of counter top space we have and it defines the kitchen, instead of just having it sitting in the living room, it feels a bit more separated.  When I got here, I moved the island closer to the kitchen to make room for the couch and moved the fridge all the way to the right to create a larger entry into the kitchen. 
 And here is the backside of the beauty.  I brought up my cookware because it was better than fiance's, plus I like cooking and had the necessary items, so most of them are from va.
 (it's a little crowded under there!)
Here's the stovetop.  It's a gas stove and it has four small burners.  I keep a cutting board ontop of it to maximize the amount of space that can be used.
 I also use it for storage.  There are cookie sheets, muffin tins, cake pans, and more inside of the oven!  I figure we'll probably rarely make use of the oven, so we might as well use it for storage until we heat it up.

Have I told you how much fiance likes tea?  We have an entire shelf devoted to various types of teas and honey.  I think this is what attracts all of the bugs that I know are small roaches but fiance insists are "just bugs."  I'll have to find a perfect size tupperware to become home to the teas and hopefully keep the "bugs" away.
*safety first:  we use an electronic tea kettle/water boiler instead of the stovetop.  fiance once almost burnt down the entire apartment building, so it's a good thing too!   you will spot the fire extinguisher in the kitchen too, everyone should have one!*

 The food cabinet is an absolute disaster.  When I moved in I just threw everything onto the shelves.  It's on my to-do list to organize it all but we don't really eat too much at home so it's not really bothersome....yet.
 And here are the dishes.  I brought up a lot of wine glasses.  The smiley face with a band-aid is fiance's tea mug, and you can spot the redskins tervis tumblers...gotta bring a bit of DC with me!

One last look:

we have stools sitting at the counter, but I don't have a picture of them yet.  I'll have to update you when I can.  I know this was a thrilling post, but I figured you should see my kitchen!  I'll have to show y'all when I actually cook my first real meal in here.